TURKEY TIME is coming.

Oct 2, 2015

Thanksgiving is October 12th -- not this weekend but the one after it. Henk Verhoeven and his wife Jin (first picture) are taking orders for thanksgiving turkeys (not certified). $5 a pound and they are in the range of 12 to 20 lbs. Linda Kapeleris (second picture) of Country Meadows certified organic farm has had turkeys in the past but are not growing any this year.

Linda and Angelo have had great problems this year with wild minks getting in and killing their chickens. They live in an area (near Ravenshoe Rd, up by current end of the 404) where development is proceeding at a rapid pace and many wild animals are coming as refugees to their little corner of remaining forest.

Maybe next year Linda and Angelo will have figured out a solution (and then you'll have two farmers to choose from), but this year Henk and Jin are the folks to see if you want to order an organic turkey for Thanksgiving. For a full up-to-date listing of vendors this Saturday Oct. 3, see the Market website:

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