Mar 7, 2019

CHCHI partners with the Centro Rehabilitación Integral Lempira to provide additional care and resources for children with disabilities in Honduras. A team of volunteers works with us to identify members of the community in need and orchestrate their care over the long term. Together, we are able to change the lives of children with disabilities, including cerebral palsy and spina bifida, and help them live their best lives.

Items needed:

Crocs or off brand similar shoes- children's sizes

Long socks

Board books- most children we will see on our trip do not own a book and these coveted items help provide social interaction with other children who want to see the book.

Feeding supplies- sippy cups, child spoons, bottles (Playtex, Ventaire) with medium or slow nipples

Developmental toys- rattles, stacking cups, shape sorters, stacking rings, crayons, paper, action figures, dolls, musical instruments, hand puppets, bubbles, pop-up toys, sensory balls

Old backpacks- we will use the straps and buckles to makes harnesses for our 'from scratch' seating systems, padded parts to create pommels and laterals.

Rolls of duct tape

Fabric hockey tape


Zip ties
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