THE NEXT GENERATION -- A few weeks ago someone suggested I send a special invite for the Candlelight Craft Market to Lavender

Nov 9, 2015

I did that. Unfortunately Mila had prior commitments for Nov. 14. But just this weekend I heard from her again, saying her 12 year old daughter Isis wanted a table to sell her peg people dolls. I asked for a bit of back story, because it's not every day we have 12 yr olds selling at the Market. So here's what Isis wrote:

"Ever since I was very young, I used to love to play with simple toys and make up stories and playscapes with them. I have always enjoyed embroidery, sewing, woodworking and painting. The fact that from kindergarten until grade 6 I was homeschooled gave me the opportunity to practice these skills. I am now 12 years old, in grade 7 and attend a local French Immersion school.

I am now expanding my crafting skills to include felting and photography. Next year I hope to establish a herb and flower garden that is used for dyeing textiles.

I was first introduced to the art of peg people via a book as a Christmas present. Creating the little figurines allowed me to put into practice all of my handy-craft skills. My hobby blossomed from there.

I really enjoy creating the Peg dolls because they are very simple, they are sturdy, they are cute and make children happy. They are great for imaginative play, for the season’s tables, for puppet shows, playscapes as well as road trips.

This past October I took my hobby to a new level by launching a website which features my artwork and I also update my blog on a regular basis.

After doing some more research into this craft I found out that peg dolls have a long standing tradition all over the world. For example the Kokeshi dolls from Japan or the wooden folk figurines from Germany or Poland.

Thank you very much for this opportunity to show-case my art work."

Isis calls her company "Lavender Chickadees". Be sure to check out her work when you come to the Candlelight Craft Market this Saturday Nov. 14th at the Village Market - R

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