Dec 13, 2018

(Let me also add a personal testimonial of how fantastic Molly B’s cookies are, of which I have tried a few. Ahem.) To your health, Nancy!
Former manager Richard Chomko writes:

I suggested to my friends Nancy Houle and Paul Tobey that, as part of their new health-improvement-through-diet project, they should make a point of eating organic food. I said that the best place I knew of, to get organic food freshest and direct from the farmer, was the Village Market.

Paul and Nancy had visited me at the Market for coffee a couple years ago, but last Saturday was the first time they were there to shop. They’re planning to return again this Saturday. Today (Monday) Nancy posted the following picture and story on her Facebook page”

“What a day! A micro commitment I made was to empty all my kitchen cupboards and give away all food that was unopened that contained wheat or sugar. Filled a huge plastic bin. Its amazing when you start reading labels - sugar in everything. Its been 14 days or so that I'm off sugar and wheat. Lost 7 pounds and my lymphadema is much better. Swelling is down 90%...I could now see veins in my foot. And though my gluten free cookie trials were an epic fail, my gluten free pizza was absolutely delicious!”

The gluten-free cookies that were such a failure, she had tried to make on her own. But the crusts for those gluten-free pizzas that were “absolutely delicious”, she had bought from Fran Earle of Molly B’s at the Village Market. @mollybglutenfreekitchen #glutenfreepizza #glutenfree #eatinghealthy
#toronto #gta #vaughn

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