SPRING TIME -- AND THE MARKET IS BUSTLING -- fish are jumping (photo 2) -- and the spinach is high (photos 3, 4, 5, 6).

Apr 24, 2015

Lead photo is Bill Redelmeier of Southbrook Vineyards, at the Market to talk about bringing Southbrook's biodynamic wine to the Market starting the end of May. Also in the picture is Rita Troiano, a Market customer who is excited to hear the good news. 2. Elinor, at Gaille's showing off some of the spring trout catch from Manitoulin Island. 3. Mike Lanigan, with Amanda, who helped pick that cornucopia of spinach from Mike's greenhouse. 4. New biodynamic farmer Mary Anne, with helper Matt, also with spinach. 5. Greenhouse spinach and lettuce from organic farmer Jim Giffen. 6. Mike also now has fresh-dug burdock root. 7. And fresh-dug Jerusalem artichokes. 8. And fresh-dug parnips. 9. Sheep milk soap from Country Meadows. Vendor listings this week: Eating with the Seasons, food preparation workshop with Doris Fin May 2: . Olga Ullmann will be at the Market this week with Body Ecology fermented foods.

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