Posted @withregram • @torontowaldorfschool Did you know that our campus is home to several old growth trees?

Nov 4, 2020

It is estimated that a few of our red oak trees are roughly 200-250 years old based on their diameter (though the only definite way to determine their age is to take a tiny core sample of the trunk and count its rings).

These oaks likely survived settler clearing for farms due to their immense contributions to the local area.

Their large size provides a wind shelter while their roots not only stabilize the soil of the ravine slope, but also provide a vast network that helps feed the soil of the forest.

They are important for wildlife as they are some of the few remaining nut producing trees and together with the rest of the woodland on our campus, they transpire water from deep in the soil pouring it into the air, mitigating temperatures in the immediate area.

Text credit: Lucas Sorbara
Photo credit: @denisephotographs

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