Posted @withregram • @idilsworld Wellness isn’t really wellness if it’s not sustainable.

Jun 27, 2020

We know how expensive living well can get.
Grocery shopping can be a real challenge, especially if you are on a limited budget. But because food is a controllable expense, it can be a target for reduced spending when money is tight. That is why it’s important to stretch our food dollars by eating seasonal local foods. Eating seasonal foods instantly means you eat sustainably, locally, with more flavour and greater nutrient density.
Going to the farmers market has thought me what Summer looks and tastes like where I live. With so much produce available in supermarket year round sometimes we forget that are 10 growing zones in Canada and 13 in the U.S. A fruit not grown in your area would have travelled too far of a distance to maintain freshness, flavour, and good nutrition.
Eating in season and trying to maintain a budget go hand in hand in my kitchen Farmacy. I am lucky that my local farmers market @villagemarketatwaldorf and @blackcreekcommunityfarm were operational during that past few months (These cherry tomatoes are are from the farm). _____________
With everything that is going on, this is summer we are doing everything differently, including how we shop for our food. I know most farmers markets are taking orders, so are local farmers. There is also the option to join a CSA. Tell me how are you guys shopping for your produce, is seasonal eating a priority this year?

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