Posted @withregram • @hansommchef The new batch of Kohlrabi Kakkduggi (diced kimchi) came out nice and super tasty, so I

Sep 19, 2021

This is what happened…..
Anyone who witnessed the entire case of kohlrabi falling through the bottom had a real good laugh!!!

They also came and helped me rescue the runaway kohlrabi and this time securing them into a large sturdy mesh bag.

Everyone at the Market @villagemarketatwaldorf is very supportive of each other.
HansommChef and Wilo Wind Farm have been collaborating to preserve some of the produce that didn’t get sold. They are good quality produce that may not be in an optimal state for sale the following week but still great for fermenting and pickling.
Wilo Wind Farm gets HansommChef kimchi and pickles in return.
This has been a wonderful collaboration based on the trust and appreciation for each other’s work and endeavours!!!

📸 by the fellow vendor Cecil 😊🙏

#rescuedkohlrabi #rescuevegetables #reducefoodwaste
#preservation #fermentation #sustainability
#trust #appreciation
#hansommchef #hansommchefkimchi

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