MUSIC OF THE PLANTS -- at the Damanhur information session last Saturday, Alessandra Morassutti explains to Olga Ullman about

Mar 1, 2016

This special "black box" of electronics connects to the plant's leaf with an alligator clip and transposes the plant's electrical signals into the audible frequency range and outputs them to a speaker. The plant then "hears" the resultant sound and, through something akin to biofeedback, modulates its signal to produce a sort of music. Or at least that's how I understood it. I head some of this music and it was quite beautiful and otherworldly. This technology brings to mind the experiments of Cleve Backster, who connected plants to lie detectors, and whose work came to prominence in the book "The Secret Life of Plants". Backster's work is more fully outlined in his own book "Primary Perception". Alessandra will be back again March 26th to talk about Damanhur, and hopefully demo some more "Music of the Plants". - R

Vendor lineup so far, for the March 5th Village Market:

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