Apr 29, 2015

SEND HER YOUR PRAYERS -- Local organic farmers Jim and Maureen Giffen first started at the Village Market nearly five years ago, in November of 2010. These photos are from that time. The Giffens pioneered the idea of year round local organic greenhouse greens at the Market (although Liz Foers was already doing sprouts before then). In addition to the Village Market, Jim and Maureen also supply about 200 CSA customers from the Barrie area. Judging by who comes out to their farm tours, the CSA members seem to be mostly young families. The Giffens have another farm tour scheduled for June 7 of 2015, from 10 to 2. Lately, however, Maureen has been in the hospital. I wrote Jim for an update yesterday and asked him what we could say about the situation to Market folks. Jim replied: "I want to thank all the fellow vendors and patrons for their visits and phone calls while Maureen continues to be in Hospital. She is feeling somewhat better but her kidneys are still not functioning properly and she continues to be on oxygen. We visit Princess Margaret Hospital on Wednesday [I guess that's today] with the leukemia specialist and hopefully he can plan an alternate attack on this cancer. Thank you again to all" -- Jim

Last week Jim said he may not be at the May 2 Market in person, but if he wasn't able to be there, he'd send someone in his place to work with Noa. Full list of vendors at May 2 Market:

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