LIKE SHOPPING IN KATMANDU -- That's where Dael Wilson's Buddhist treasures came from.

Nov 14, 2015

He'll have them at the Village Market today as part of our Candlelight Craft Market (though he'll be downstairs), in addition to his usual apples and apple juice. I asked Dael to write a few words about his adventures in the Himalayas last year and here's what he sent:

On my table there will be Buddhist meditation objects -- the sound bowls, I have 4 sizes, the dorjes, 2 kinds of bells, and the prayer wheels. All of my Buddhist souvenirs were purchased in a shop in Kathmandu. The shop owner was very helpful in giving information on the various sound bowls and the nature of Buddhist practices for the other sound bells etc

Climbing in the Himalayas

Aren't you going with a group?? Or, I can be your guide? I was challenged and propositioned many times in Kathmandu while preparing for the 2 week trek up the Annapurna summit

I am a wilderness guide... solitude is very important to me. Wildcrafting for wild blueberries alone in northern wilds is the most gratifying soul work we all need silence and I need top go it alone in order to fully commune with the mountain spirits

I was also challenging my self to go beyond the edge of all other experiences in my life. SO part of me was prepared to NOT come back. Fortunately I met a French traveller of my age, 66 who offered my his climbing poles 2 days before I started
they were incredibly helpful as the 22,000 steps were very arduous and I was carrying twice as much gear -- about 35 pounds.

It was a profound journey and I barely survived, being overcome with acute mountain sickeness (AMS) at 4,000 meters. I also did not bring enough cash and had to budget myself to CDN$20. per day

In all of my pilgrimages around the world, there is none so overwhelming as climbing in the Himalayas, known as the home of the gods, it truly felt the purity, silence, and breathtaking scenery every step up and down again.

Going it alone was equally as valuable. it allow me to be transparent in the elements deep in pure walking meditation

Having little money I had to return from the summit base camp still struggling with the AMS on the descent, my knees started to burn and by the time i got back down, I could only walk or hobble with the full support of my walking sticks. it took months to recover but it was all part of the price of returning to the home of the gods.

My immortality was further blessed by a final journey to Rishikesh india to bathe in the headwaters of the Ganges river which was flowing right out of the Himalayas far above in Nepal. I send many blessings to all spiritual travellers on their journey home.

Full Candlelight Craft Market Vendor listings for Nov. 14:

Full Market vendor list for Nov. 14th:

Photos: 1. Dael selling apples and juice outside at the Market, back in September when it was a little warmer. 2. Smiling for the camera, with a friend and customer at the Village Market.

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