Just got off the phone with Vitold, the Village Market's intrepid baker who customarily braves sleet snow and whiteouts to

Apr 27, 2015

Last week Vitold hurt his back and couldn't make it to the Market. It was probably his first unplanned absence since he started here some 15 or so years ago. When I talked to him today he said he was better. He was sitting in his car instead of lying on his bed. Saturday was the first day, he said, that he had been able to tie his shoelaces. After the Market last Saturday he said he had customers calling him up saying "You must be flat on your back, 'cause I've never known you to miss a Market!". And of course he was -- flat on his back. So we look forward to seeing Vitold again at the May 2nd Village Market. -- Richard Vendor listings for May 2:

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