FARM FASHION -- In addition to her role helping mind farmer Mike Lanigan's stall at the Village Market (pic 1), Edie is also

Jul 20, 2015

Edie was a little lacking in sleep on the day these pictures were taken because the night before she had been awakened a few times by the sound of horses stamping their feet. At first, Edie thought the noise was Mike getting ready to leave for the Market, and she wasn't even up yet!

On hot days, Edie wears her boots with the tops turned down, which not only provides for additional cooling, but makes for a unique "farm fashion" look (pic 2). Boots tops can still rise to the occasion for deep muck (pic 3). The turned-down-boots look goes well with cut-offs. And back to pic 1 in which we learn that Edie is NOT a science experiment!

But she does do science; in her other life, Edie is a York University student in Environmental Studies.

Village Market vendor lineup for July 25th:

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