Feb 22, 2018

ORGANIC BABY GREENS FROM FARMER JIM'S GREENHOUSES -- located on his farm near Minesing, northwest of Barrie. Jim Giffen brings this spinach along with baby lettuce, all year round to the Village Market. There are lots of baby greens in supermarkets these days, but most come from far away. And the few organic baby greens you'll find in health food stores are most likely grown hydroponically. Even if that matches some technical organic standard, don't you prefer to eat food that grown in earth rather than water?

Farmers and vendors expected at the Feb. 24th Village Market:

Feb 22, 2018

Man does not live by bread alone, but bread is still important: In this video, Zooey Deschanel talks about the difference between real bread, and what you might find in supermarkets.

Feb 21, 2018

A SIT-DOWN CAFE -- is perhaps one of the lesser-known features of the Village Market local organic farmers market in Thornhill. Jack and Mayda Baghboudrian serve raw, vegan, and sometimes also meat dishes, to cater to a wide variety of tastes.

Other vendors sell organic coffee and treats of various kinds. The Village Market is a great place to hang out with your friends on a Saturday morning and talk about the problems of the world in a face to face setting, where you can enjoy the full "bandwidth" of the human encounter. Photo from last Saturday Feb. 17th.

Farmers and vendors expected at the Village Market Feb. 24th:

Feb 20, 2018

The only reason farmer Jim Giffen keeps coming back to the Village Market week after week, is because of Gaille Lieberthal's fresh-baked biscuits. That's what Gaille said. And Jim confirmed it to be true. Gaille usually serves the biscuits with organic butter and apricot jam. Photo from last Saturday of Gaille, Jim, and a plate of biscuits, fresh from the oven.

Farmers and vendors expected at the Feb. 24th Village Market:

Feb 19, 2018

Village Market regular Stefanie Herron (right in photo) brought her fitness training client Fatima (middle in photo) and Fatima's husband Moshin (left in photo) and their two kids aged 3.5 and 1.5 to the Market last Saturday to introduce them to a great place to shop for organic food to complement Fatima's fitness training program. Stefanie and her dad (second from right) can be found early most Saturday mornings at the Market, shopping and snacking. Stefanie also likes to take her boys to events at Mike Lanigan's farm. Moshin and Fatima came all the way from Ajax to shop at the Village Market. Stefanie lives a little closer -- in Pickering. If you too would like to get fit, here is a link to the facebook page for Stefanie's company, Pickering Personal Training. Photo from Feb. 17th, at the Village Market.

Farmers and vendors expected at the February 24th Village Market:

Feb 18, 2018

FARMER MIKE'S NEW BAG -- last Saturday Feb. 17th, local organic Village Market farmer Mike Lanigan started providing these old-fashioned paper bags, as an alternative to the plastic bags he had been providing before, for people to collect their vegetables in.

Mike wants to do what he can to minimize the use of plastic, because of its many environmental consequences for our planet -- what with plastics being made of petroleum and after being put in the garbage, taking a long time to break down, and disintegrating into little pieces that end up inside fish.

Over the years, Mike has spent a lot of money on plastic bags to keep his Market customers supplied. But of course paper bags aren't cheap either. So it's not about the money.

Mike will continue to provide plastic bags for those customers who still want to use them. People can choose. Another alternative option, of course, is for customers to re-use plastic bags that they already have.

Mike cautions, however, that plastic bags and shopping bags that have been used to carry uncooked meat may become contaminated with germs from the meat, especially if some of the fluids have leaked out of the meat packaging, or if the outside of the meat packaging has previously come in contact with such fluids before you received it. And it's nearly impossible to know if that has happened.

Bags that have been used for meat should therefore not then be subsequently used to transport vegetables, especially vegetables that will be eaten uncooked or raw. So, just like relationships on Facebook, the use of bags for transporting food can be complicated.

Photo from Feb. 10th, 2018

Farmers and vendors expected at the Village Market Feb. 24th:

Feb 17, 2018

JEF GIVES REGINE A VALENTINE BOUQUET OF KALE -- and not just any kale, but local organic kale grown by Village Market farmer Peter Seenath in his greenhouse near Brampton. Photo from earlier today at the Village Market.

Farmers and vendors expected for the February 24th Market:

Feb 16, 2018

IN CASE LOCAL ORGANIC PRODUCE IS NOT ENOUGH -- to entice you to visit the Village Market this Saturday, here's an additional special attraction:

This weekend in the session room Michelle Messina will provide advanced technology for self treatment. Try: light therapy *, EMS pulse muscle therapy, CVR guided visualization **, Happy light and more!

*Switzerland. Health Canada approved 2016
** Silicon Valley. Voice of Dr.Porter Arizona

Yearly Michelle travels abroad for training in healing in: sound therapy and spiritual counselling with a degree in Reiki ***
*** Toronto & Arizona

Michelle's website:

Farmers and vendors for Feb 17th at the Village Market:

Feb 15, 2018

SPECIAL EVENING AT TWS THIS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 16TH -- the Roundhouse is back on February 16, 2018. One of the acts is a musical group, "A FELLOWSHIP", which is composed of Toronto Waldorf School alumni Joe Dent, Jack Stone, Teddy Liptay and Forest Van Winkle plus additional band members Tristan Schultz, Ryan Johnston and Austin Jones.

Details: "A Fellowship" is a group of 7 close friends from the Toronto area who formed a 7 piece folk/funk band. “A love for music and good company has evolved into a might class of folk, pop, funk, jazz and soul leaving nothing but dancing in its wake.” Website:
Digital Album “The Black Sheep” released Oct 1, 2017:"

The Roundhouse - An Evening of Music and Magic. Doors open at 7:00 pm. Music and Magic begins at 7:30 pm. Refreshments and a Silent Auction. Family of 4: $30.00 Adults: $10.00 Students: $7.00 Children Grade 3 and under free. Students in Grade 8 and under must have adult accompaniment at all times. Advance tickets will be sold in the lobby the week of the performance. Start your Family Day Weekend off with a little magic and music at the TWS Roundhouse. The Grade 11 and 12 classes invite you to attend this all ages event featuring two alumni acts, A Fellow Ship and Mahmood Magic, as well as a silent auction.

Feb 14, 2018

LOOK AT THESE CHARD AND KALES FROM PETER SEENATH -- as seen and sold last Saturday Feb. 10th at the Village Market. Peter is actually one of the Market's smaller farmers, volume wise, and yet he brings these amazing local organic greenhouse harvests in the middle of February, no less. Peter farms near Brampton, about an hour west of Thornhill.

Farmers and vendors for the February 17th Village Market:

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