Apr 23, 2018

EARTH HAVEN BIODYNAMIC FARM PRESERVES -- spotlit last Saturday morning by the rays of the rising sun. Glad to have Earth Haven back at the Village Market after a few months away. Lately their supply of heritage eggs has been much less than the demand, with the result being that they are usually sold out by 8:15 am. The Market opens at 8:00 am. So it's a case of early birds getting the worm, yet again. But Linda Kapeleris of Country Meadows -- who's a major egg supplier at the Market -- has been away two weeks and will be back April 28th, so that should ease the supply side of the egg equation!

Farmers and vendors expected at the Village Market April 28th:

Apr 22, 2018

PLEASE WELCOME new Village Market Facebook page administrator Brooke Scott (left in photo). Here she is chatting with farmer Mike Lanigan in a photo from April 7th. Brooke and her husband Dave will be taking over the Village Market at the beginning of May. Richard will still be writing FB posts for the rest of this week, but after that, it'll be Brooke's turn!

Farmers and vendors expected at the April 28th Village Market:

Apr 20, 2018

THE JUICE MAN COMETH -- We received this message from Alexandra yesterday: "Dael Wilson (Osoleo) just returned from Guatemala and would like to set-up this Saturday with his fresh organic Guatemalan coffee and turmeric root as well as our apple cider and apples."

People have been asking when the apple juice man would return. Their patience will soon be rewarded! Photo below of Dael is from August 2016. And of course, it's not blueberry season quite yet. But Dael will have some juice this Saturday.

Farmers and vendors expected April 21st at the Village Market:

Apr 19, 2018

CARMEN BRAVO -- maker of knitted woolen toys, hopes to return to the Village Market next on May 5th -- when there will also be a puppet show of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" in the TWS kindergarten at 10:30 am. Now there are two reasons to bring your little ones to the Market on May 5th. Photo of Carmen and her son and her husband with some of Carmen's creations is from last Saturday April 14th.

Farmers and vendors expected at the Village Market April 21st:

Apr 18, 2018

CAMERON BIRNIE RETURNS APRIL 21ST -- to the Village Market stage. Sit back and enjoy the music or get up on stage and sing along. Or just listen while you shop.

Farmers and vendors expected at the Village Market April 21st:

Apr 17, 2018

FARMER MICHAEL SCHMIDT WAS AT THE VILLAGE MARKET -- as advertised, last Saturday April 14th. He even found time to sit down with a coffee and hobnob with old friends and acquaintances. Michael is the one who baked all the Glencolton Farms bread, croissants, and pretzels, etc. Of course Vitold also baked a lot of bread and treats that were also sold at the Glencolton Farms table.

Farmers and vendors expected for the April 21st Village Market:

Apr 16, 2018

A MOUNTAIN OF ORGANIC SPINACH, HAND-PICKED LEAF-BY-LEAF -- from the greenhouse on farmer Mike Lanigan's local organic farm near Uxbridge. Amanda Dyer (in the picture below) was one of the people who helped pick all that spinach. And even though it was slow at the Market last Saturday (due to the freezing rain), farmer Mike was pleased that just about all of that spinach was sold by the end of the day!

Farmers and vendors expected at the April 21st Village Market:

Apr 13, 2018

VITOLD AND GLENCOLTON FARMS GETTING SET UP -- for the Village Market last Saturday. The big news for this week is that Glencolton Farms farmer Michael Schmidt is planning to come to the Market in person this Saturday April 14th. Read about all this and more in this week's Village Market E-News:

Farmers and vendors expected at the April 14th Village Market:

Apr 12, 2018

GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT -- years ago, Maria-Theresia (in photo below) suggested we should have nice table cloths on the cafe tables at the Village Market, and a little potted plant on each table. Lo and behold, last Saturday, M-T's wish came true. In the photo below you can see how M-T's outfit even matches the flower and the table cloth. What could be more perfect? The improvement in the look of the cafe tables is connected with the arrival at the Market of Glencolton Farms, which was there for the first time last Saturday, with meat and bread and Vitold's bread, and which will be at the Market every Saturday for the forseeable future.

Farmers and vendors expected at the Village Market April 14th:

Apr 11, 2018

Experience Eurythmy, the art of movement Rudolf Steiner developed, this Saturday April 14th, right after the Village Market at 1:30 pm.

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