Farmers and Vendors at the Village Market Saturday April 19th, 2014

Open Saturdays only 8:00 - 1:30


Left: Vitality ad farmer for May, Achim Mohssem-Beyk had a display up of photos from his farm April 12th. Right: Leeks from farmer Mike Lanigan.


Farmers and Growers:

FARMER: Mike Lanigan features a large array of home-grown organic vegetables, as well as organic beef from his own certified organic herd. Mike will also have some imported fruit and produce to complete the selection during those times of year when a complete range of organic produce is not available from local sources. Mike currently also sells wild blueberries from his friend in northern Ontario.

FARMER: Country Meadows Farm: Angelo and Linda sell organic olives and olive oil from Angelo's family farm in Greece, as well as dried mountain oregano. Angelo and Linda also raise fresh organic heritage vegetables and goats and turkeys at their local family farm near Queensville, Ontario. Country Meadows is usually at the Market every week.

GROWER: Elizabeth Foers is usually at the Market every week with organic sprouts and wheat grass as well as juices or smoothies made with sunflower sprouts and apple juice.

FARMER: Achim Mohssem-Beyk, from Prince Edward County is usually at the market every week with vegetables and meats and eggs from his own farm. Achim is away for a few weeks and will return to the Market on March 8th.

FARMER: Bio-Visions Farm (Henk Verhoeven from Grand Valley) is usually at the Market every Saturday with local bio-dynamic meats, vegetables and eggs from his farm near Grand Valley Ontario.

FARMER: Jim and Maureen Giffen, from Minesing (north of Barrie), are at the Market regularly. Jim and Maureen have a mixed farm with animals and greenhouses and root vegetables.

FARMER: Gaille Lieberthal, from Guelph is usually at the Market offering an array of certified organic meats, (lamb, beef, chicken). dairy products, organic, raw milk cheeses, organic grains, coffee, baking, deli meats, maple syrup and more this week. A lot of what Gaille sells is not from her own farm and is certified organic. However the maple syrup, which is from her farm is not certified organic. Gaille also sells smoked local freshwater fish fillets from Ontario. This fish is recognized as sustainable by Ocean Wise. Orders taken at the market and at: 905.854.2697

FARMER: Peter Seenath, from Brampton, is at the Market regularly with certified organic vegetables from his garden. Peter is usually at the Market every week.

FARMER: Blair Kovacs will be at the market regularly with wild chaga mushrooms from his farm near Barrie.

Baking and Prepared Foods:

CAFE: Mayda Baghboudrian usually has a range of mostly raw vegetarian entrees as well as pita sandwiches, salads and take-home items like hummus as well as raw cakes and other treats.

MAKER: Hulda Gislason is usually at the market selling selling green drinks, and raw food ingredients.

BAKER, CAFE: Gluten Free Products from Molly B's are usually at the Market every week. Products include fresh crepes, crepe mixes, fresh baking & jams. Latest gluten free innovation from Molly B's is a line of gluten free breads. At the Market Molly B's also often sells ready to eat crepes and omelettes.

MAKER: Sue Ellen Parrott wil be at the Market this week with sweet and savoury delicacies.

BAKER: Vitold Kreutzer is back at the market with breads, cookies and brownies, mostly made with organic ingredients

Makers, Resellers, Crafters and Therapists:

RESELLER: Chaim Gilad will be at the Market this week with special coffee and other products containing beneficial mushroom extracts. Note: This coffee is not certified organic.

MAKER: Cherylin Gilad will be at the Market every week with energy medicine.

RESELLER: PureCo Canada will be at the Market every other week with juicers, blenders etc. Schedule: April 19

RESELLER: Honeycombe botanicals will be at the Market this week with beeswax products from skin creams to pollen to candles.

RESELLER: Styrian Gold pumpkin seed oil is usually at the Market every week.

THERAPIST: Sole to Soul reflexology is usually at the Market every week.

THERAPIST: Cherylin Gilad will be doing energy work for clients every week.

MAKER: of Fur Hats, Gloves and Slippers, Gennady Shofman is usually at the market every week.

RESELLER: Eric Allen will be selling and demonstrating natural waterproofing for leather boots.

BAKER: Tan's Artisan Bakery is usually at the Market with their own original breads and treats.

COCONUT Advocate: Edward K sells versatile coconut products and offers suggestions for their use. Gourmet grade Virgin Coconut Oil for Raw Food preparations, Bio-Pure Virgin Coconut cooking Oils, Coconut Jams, Coconut water from Baby Green Coconuts, Coconut nectars, Coconut flours, Coconut beauty & skin care are just some of the traditional hand made products unrefined and natural --- quality premium made in small batches that supports small farmers. All products are (COR) Canadian Organic Regime and USDA organic plus other pending organic certification. Latest Vegan and Coconut Derived food products are Red Palm Oil, Paleolithic Coconut Diet Sports Bar, Probiotic Coconut Bars, Premium Quality Coconut based MCT Oil, and Nutri-Oil for Raw Foodist and Vegan Lovers. Please visit Ed is usually at the Market every week.

RESELLER: Paul Ciaravella is usually at the Market every week with food supplement products and health books.

RESELLER: Mervyn Fogelman will have dried fruits and nuts from South Africa. Not certified organic. Mervyn is usually at the Market every Saturday.

MAKER: Margaret Mackintosh is usally at the Market most Saturdays with a wide selection of skin care products which she makes herself, mostly from organic ingredients. See her website at

RESELLER: Susan Kliem is usually at the Market every week with her Shaklee cleaning products.

The following vendors will be away this week:

CAFE: Clay Pot Catering, - Indian Inspired organic and natural cuisine by Mrs. Abbas. For details please call 905-420-8558 (if busy please leave a message) or visit us online to view her full menu at, Email: Schedule:

MAKER: Live2Eat is an up-and-coming Catering Company with an emphasis on Local, Organic and Sustainable Ingredients. We bring a diverse selection of speciality Gluten Free, Grain Free and Dairy Free goodies that are not only delicious but packed with nutrition. Try our Handcrafted Almond Cookies, Tapioca Pudding, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Almond Tea Cake, Raw Truffles and many others. Please Visit- . We will have this wonderful Organic, Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised Ghee available for sale at the market this week: Schedule: April 5

CAFE, BAKER: ARWK (Steve and Cecille), who sell fresh baking and ready to eat roti and other Carribean-style delicacies, will be at the market every other week now. Schedule: April 26

MAKER: The Sacred House offers an essential-oil-based deodorant and other skin care products. Schedule: April 26

MAKER, RESELLER: Carmen Duggan sells raw dog food and pet supplements. Schedule: April 26

THERAPIST: Jean Louie, Hand reflexology, massage therapy, etc. Schedule: June 10 (2nd Sat. of the month).

MAKER, RESELLER: Oli Ullman sells salt lamps and body ecology diet foods. Here is Oli's schedule for the next lilttle while: April 26

THERAPIST: Birgitta Adrian-Morley is a registered Homeopath and a registered Holistic Nutritionist. She will be offering health testing. Birgitta's schedule is: April 26

FARMER: Linda Kapeleris: Linda will bring bedding plants to the market again in May of 2014.

RESELLER: Dael Wilson (apples and apple juice) will not be back at the Market again unitil spring 2014.

MAKER: Akemi Akemi (Akemi Designs) handmakes gemstone fashion jewellery and felted wool and silk scarves.,

FARMER: Urban Harvest: will be back with seeds and bedding plants in the spring of 2014

MAKER: Eva Cabaca will be at the Market with her popular prepared raw foods possibly in 2014

ASTROLOGER: Carmen DiLuccio will not be at the Market this week offering consulatations.

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Live Music Calendar

April 19 Quintessence Ensemble
May 17 Kate Kunkel (harp)
May 24 Quintessence Ensemble (photo)

Brief Introduction to the Village Market

With more than 30 vendors including eight organic farmers,The Village Market offers an unusually wide selection of organic foods, from fresh greens to root vegetables, apples, citrus fruits, milk, yogurt, beef, chicken and salami.

We also feature a food-court style cafe with offerings from a number of different vendors of ready to eat food. Live music is another frequent attraction at the Village Market.

The Market is open Saturdays ONLY from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm, all year round except that we're closed after Christmas for one Saturday only.

Getting to the Village Market by public transit from Toronto: Take the TTC Subway to Finch station. Then take the #88 (Bathurst) bus from Finch Station. Check the bus schedule at the York Region Transit (YRT) website. Get off at Teefy, cross Bathurst, and walk down from the Toronto Waldorf School's parking lot, down the footpath or down the drive to the school. The market is in the lower level of the school.

Wild Chaga mushrooms from Blair Kovacs..

Raw dog food from Carmen Duggan every other week at the Village Market. The better choice.

Above: Skin care maker Margaret Mackintosh shows off her warm fur mitts made by Gennady Shofman

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Achim Mohssem-Beyk is one of the EIGHT local organic farmers and growers at the Village Market

  New at the Market for April -- Certified organic claytonia greens from farmers Jim and Maureen Giffen.

Garden bedding plants from Linda K., April 2014.


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